Top 11 Pregnancy Massage Benefits

Those 9 months during pregnancy can be tough both physically and mentally. Not only are you dealing with changes to the body, but you’re also juggling your worries and fears about life once the baby is born.

Here at Massage Oxford we think that a  Pregnancy Massage is a fantastic way of relieving a variety of troublesome symptoms associated with pregnancy.

We’ve put together put together 11 of the top benefits that an expectant mother can get from one of our massages.


Helps joints

A pregnancy massage reduces stress on those joints which hold your weight and are under a lot of strain during pregnancy.

Relieves common pregnancy symptoms

Headaches? Cramps? Tension? Just a bit tired? It can help with all of those little aches and pains.

Increases circulation

This helps you provide your baby with more nutrients, clears out toxins and boosts your lymphatic system.

Improves your mood

A massage relaxes your nervous system and evens up your hormone levels, relieving anxiety and helping your baby to sleep better.

Toned up

Carrying the extra weight of the baby can change your alignment and strain your posture. Massage will improve your muscle tone, relieves any muscles aches and therefore help you to carry the baby more easily.

Keeps blood pressure down

Increased blood flow reduces the heart’s workload and brings your blood pressure down.

Gets blood to the uterus and placenta

As the uterus gets bigger and pushes into your pelvis, blood is no longer able to return to the heart as freely as before. You also need more blood during pregnancy to support the baby – sometimes as much as 60% extra is required. Increased blood flow as a result of a pregnancy massage supports your circulatory system.

Prepares you for delivery

During the massage we’ll show you a number of relaxation techniques that will be a huge help to you during the delivery.

Drug-free alternative

Pain relief needs to be limited during pregnancy, so a massage provides a natural and healthier way of relieving your aches.

Emotional support

There are plenty of physical benefits to a pregnancy massage, which in turn provide you with mental and emotional support. Just the touch of a human hand can be nurturing and energising for you.